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Recent Events

A job fair was held at the Balochistan University of IT, Engineering & Management Sciences in Quetta. 

Students from different universities acquired information regarding jobs in both public and private sector organisations that had set up stalls at the fair. Such job fairs are being regularly organised on different forums due to high unemployment rate in the Balochistan province. Thousands of students from varsities across Balochistan attended the event.

More than 100 government, semi-government and private entities set up their stalls at the job fair where MERC Balochistan was also invited to participate in the event.

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2 Day Training Session On Designing, Tracing & Finishing of Products

MERC Balochistan conducted 2 Day Training Session from 22 to 23rd on designing , Tracing & finishing of products November 2019 for community women groups in district Khuzdar under pilot project support by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund-PPAF.

Training was delivered by the Master Trainers to a female group of 20 participants. The training would not only polish their skills and promote their culture even they would express their ideas, practice and earn money in order to improve their living standard. See more..

Exposure Visit to Tharpaker

4 Day exposure visit to Tharparker from 30th Nov to 3rd Dec was organised under pilot project support by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund-PPAF.

The exposure visit accompanied by 7 partner organizations from Balochistan and 9 organizations from KPK. During visit Deaf Reach school and HANDS office were visited in Karachi. The purpose of this visit to observe, learn and replicate the successful ideas and practices in respective regions. The objective was to understand the challenges faced by the community of Tharparker and response by TRDP to the issues being faced. During visit various holy places and ancient places were also visited.   See more..


Main areas of our focus

Promoting Girls Education

Every day, girls face barriers to education caused by poverty, cultural norms and practices, poor infrastructure, violence and fragility. Girls' education is a strategic development priority for the MERC Balochistan. As a result of gender inequality in education, they are also denied the chance to develop skills that will help them take charge in their homes, careers, communities and countries. We aim to provide quality education to girls with safe, quality, gender-transformative education so they may find their voices and learn to lead.

Skilled based learning program for women

The program will address the issues of poor and needy women who face multiple barriers. The program will provide community women with tools and resources to reduce social isolation, increase self-esteem, increase their networks and build confidence. MERC through this  program will also provide access to one on one counselling/crisis counselling, support groups, mentoring, language enhancement and life-skills training. The end goal is for women to feel empowered and to support their social and economic integration in the Society. 

Empowering Vulnerable Population

MERC assists disadvantaged groups, such as vulnerable children, people with disabilities, orphans, street children, people at risk of trafficking and trafficking victims, through developing community-based services and enhancing advocacy efforts to promote their rights and increase public awareness. 

Natural disaster relief

MERC put special efforts to reach and plan for the care of particularly vulnerable segments of the population  children, elders, individuals in health care and correctional facilities, people with disabilities and could contribute the process from disaster to development.

225 Students

209 students are enrolled in School of Scholars

371 Students

371 Students are engaged in extra curriculum activities.

2209 Women

2209 Women are trained on women human rights

4000 Women CNIC

women Computerized National Identity cards are registered

152 Government Officials

152 government officials trained in their respective field

184 Community Organisations

184 organizations trained at village and union council level..


Our Initiatives

Women Corner


Being daughter of Balochistan, her vision is to see people educated, happy and empowered as a result of her efforts. For past 10 years, she served in communities of Balochistan and worked with many women groups and built capacity on their personal and social issues. After returning from Australia award, She had set another target to establish women...

Sumera Meboob, the founder, really wanted to work for education rights in Balochistan especially for girls education not only sake of knowledge but in a sense of philosophy where children learn through experience, research, and form of holistic knowledge which is based on rights, advocacy and independency. She is an education advocate striving to...

MERC supports strengthened youth engagement in disaster preparedness, crisis response and resilience building in crisis and/or conflict contexts. Youth is playing an active role in rebuilding the social fabric of societies. After a crisis, youth are often involved in innovative approaches in adopting environment-friendly practices. Young women...

MERC tried to form a platform through which the menace of illiteracy could be addressed in the country that is considered to be a main cause for all other interconnected problems the balochistan is facing currently namely unemployment, lawlessness, ever increasing street crimes, dwindling business activities, non-efficient use of resources,...


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